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My Presentations

General Presentation Guidelines:

1. Customizable to meet the needs of the host and audience. Please allow 2-3 weeks of preparation time

2. 30-60 minutes total length depending on grade levels and host requests

3. A 15-20 min interactive presentation on a topic of choice (please refer to my previous presentations for ideas)

4. Options of a Q&A session or a grade appropriate related activity



FREE for in-person visits within the greater Sacramento area and virtual visits beyond Sacramento. Hosting teacher is responsible for setting up equipment and preparing/distributing physical materials, i.e. handouts, craft materials (if applicable) on site.

Donation Offer:

For a total book purchase exceeding $400 ordered directly from me and shipping to the same address, 15% of the total order would be donated back to the school or organization, PLUS FREE SHIPPING.

Donation offer DOES NOT apply to individual orders made through or other venues.


Event Book Prices:

The Kreepton Chronicles (Book 1) - $12

The Beast Tamers (Book 2) - $14

The Daemon Escape (Book 3) - $14

The Last Tallects (choose your own path prequel) - $10

Bundle: The Kreepton Chronicles 4-book set - $45 ($5 off)

Drift: Conquest - $18

Women Who BossUp-Post Pandemic - $25

Tax included in prices.

Payment is due upon confirmation of the order. 


Accepted Payment Forms:

Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, cash (in-person only)

Please use the Contact form to reach out if you would like to set up a presentation for your class.

Thank you for your support and bringing fun and imaginations to your students!


Previous/Possible Presentation Topics:

- Genetics for 2nd/3rd Grade (Concepts and application of a Punnett Square)

- Lunar New Year (Stories and activities) for Kindergarten to 3rd grade 

- Creative Writing Starter for 3rd grade

- Cross Cultural Idioms for 4th grade

- Intermediate Grade Creative Writing for 5th grade & up

- Visiting Author at book fair for all grade levels

- My Journey for 3rd grade & up (YouTube version available)

- Q & A session for 3rd grade & up

- Historical Novel Writing for 7th grade & up 


Request for An Event with Renee Libra
Poster for An Event with Renee Libra
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